High Level Cleaning

We’re proud to introduce our new high-level cleaning services, tailored specifically for commercial clients in the retail, hospitality, and manufacturing sectors.

Utilising market leading SpaceVac cleaning systems, our team is able to quickly and efficiently remove dust and other waste that accumulates inside properties; including walls, ceilings, vents, pipework, ducting and more.

Our friendly and professional team is here to ensure your business remains spotless from floor to ceiling.

Benefits of High-Level Cleaning

Cleaning from the ground floor in this way offers our clients a number of benefits and advantages over traditional cleaning methods:

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Save money on cleaning projects with no need for expensive access equipment rentals and large cleaning teams

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Safer for cleaning teams with no need to access problem areas at height.

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Improve IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) for users, reducing the risk of transmission of airborne bacteria or inflaming respiratory complaints 

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Cleaning work is completed in a fraction of the time – reducing operational downtime and improving productivity.

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Award winning technology = including a range of specific tools for cleaning in even the most difficult to reach areas



The system allows for cleaning to take place from the ground floor, with a set of interconnecting carbon-fibre poles, angled cleaning heads and brushes to access difficult to reach areas without ladders, scaffolding or other access equipment.

The system is very flexible and allows us to quickly and safely remove dust, dirt and other waste materials from a range of areas including walls, ceilings, vents, pipework, ducting, window sills, cable trays, AC units, on top of machinery and anywhere that dust can settle when circulated inside a building.

In total we can are able to reach over 60 feet high from the ground floor.

This method of cleaning saves our clients money in a number of ways: 

  1. No need for access equipment such as scaffolding or hydraulic lifts.
  2. Cleans are completed much faster
  3. Increased productivity as a result of less downtime for cleans
  4. Cleaning teams can be reduced in size reducing labor costs.

WIth the introduction of SpaceVacs systems we are able to complete high-level cleans more than 2.5x faster than traditional methods where cleaning staff have to access the area at height. 

This method of cleaning is ideal for an building with difficult to access areas above eye level. 

Examples of these kind of facilities would include cinemas, theatres, schools & colleges, airports, shopping malls, museums, warehouses, factories and many more. 

Further – by utilising a special 100% Carbon version of this cleaning system – we can also remove combustible waste and dust from manufacturing facilities and a range of facilities within the food & drink sector. 

The time and cost savings that can be unlocked by cleaning high-level areas in this way, means that a number of the biggest companies in the US are already taking advantage of this new modality including;

Tesla, Harley Davidson, Minnesota Vikings, Ikea, Harvard University, Facebook, Arizona Diamondbacks, Nike, Google and more!

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